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IPD co-hosts Meeting on Capital Account Liberalization and its Lessons for China in Beijing

Drawing from its extensive research and a recent publication on this exact matter, IPD joined forces with IWEP and CEGI to host a one-day conference on the topic to discuss the lessons learned from other emerging markets for exercising caution on capital account issues in the case of China.

IPD Co-President Jose Antonio Ocampo Talks about the End of Commodities Boom with Chinese Media Caixin in Beijing

Jose Antonio Ocampo talked with Wang Li Wei from Caixin Media about the end of a commodities boom and the capital market reform issues concerning China at Columbia Global Center in Beijing.

IPD co-hosts Roundtable Discussion on Capital Control Regulation with Senior Policy Makers in Beijing

IPD joined Global Economic Governance Initiative (CEGI) and the School of Finances (Central University of Finance and Economics) to host a roundtable discussion on the capital account liberalization on August 25th, 2015 in the Central University of Finance and Economics(CUPE) in Beijing, China.

IPD/CNE co-host the Roundtable For a New Economy

Roundtable for a New Economy is an initiative spearheaded by the Center for a New Economy in San Juan, Puerto Rico that seeks to build the foundation for a future economic development policy for Puerto Rico. The initiative is being supported by a steering committee of academics from the Initiative for Policy Dialogue at Columbia University (IPD), the Brookings Institution (BI), and the Watson Institute for International Studies at Brown University.

Africa’s Transformation through Industrial Development and Implementing Agenda 2063

Toward TICAD VI in 2016: Africa’s Transformation through Industrial Development and Implementing Agenda 2063 ~on the Occasion of Book Launch “Industrial Policy and Economic Transformation in Africa”

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Diverse stakeholders with a legitimate interest in policy outcomes often lack access to the process, information, and language necessary to participate effectively. IPD emphasizes diverse participation to enable civic involvement in economic policymaking.

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