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Whither the World: The Political Economy of the Future

IPD will co-host a book talk with Professor Grzegorz W. Kolodko, the former Finance Minister of Poland, on April 21st in Columbia. IPD cohost this event with the Center on Global Economic Governance ( CGEG) and the Center on Capitalism and Society.

Joseph Stiglitz Speaks to the Chinese Media about the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

IPD Co-President Joseph Stiglitz speaks to the Chinese CCTV on why AIIB is an instrumental organization for the future of development.

Jose Antonio Ocampo joins the ILO as Special Adviser on Social Protection

IPD Co-President Jose Antonio Ocampo will be contributing his expertise to the ILO’s mission to improve social protection coverage for all.

IPD Hosts Workshop on Inequality in International Governance

This is the first gathering for IPD's project on " Inequality on Global Governance". The workshop includes experts from South Center, Boston University's Global Economic Governance Initiative (CEGI), Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment and other institutions.

IPD/JICA Task Force Meeting on Industrial Policy and Transformation in New York

This is the second IPD/JICA meeting on Industrial Policy and Transformation since the Jordan gathering in June 2014. This two-day conference taken place in February 19th&20th 2015 aims to attract renewed interest in the study of industrial policy.

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