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IPD 2014 Activities and Achievement

For 2014, the Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD) focused research on the following issues: International Economic Governance, Sovereign Debt Restructuring, Transformation in Industrial Policy, Inequality and Development Strategies in 2014. We concluded this year with 17 programs/conferences around the globe and numerous publication addressing key issues facing the International Economy.

Conference on The Consequences of Economic Inequality for Economic Performance

This conference brought together experts in the field to examine the link between inequality and economic performance in both developed and developing countries; and explore the possibility that there may be some important differences in causal links. A better understanding of theses links would enable us to give middle income countries sufficient advance warning of what may lie in store for them.

Book Talk with Kevin Gallagher

In Ruling Capital: Emerging Markets and the Regulation of Cross-border Finance, Boston University professor Kevin P. Gallagher shows how emerging market and developing countries were able to re-regulate cross-border financial flows into their countries in the wake of the financial crisis—despite the seemingly insurmountable political and economic odds. Not only did countries make room to regulate at home, but emerging powers created more policy space to regulate under the International Monetary Fund and at the G-20.

IPD Co-hosts Conference “Frameworks for Sovereign Debt Restructuring”

The conference "Frameworks for Sovereign Debt Restructuring" brought together leading academics and experts to Columbia University in the City of New York. Topics of discussion were issues of sovereign debt restructuring, the potential adverse effects of the absence of such mechanisms, and contractual reforms that would facilitate more efficient sovereign debt markets.

IPD/FEPS 3rd Annual Conference on Investment for Growth and Employment

IPD and FEPS co-hosted the 3rd Annual Conference on Investment for Growth and Employment at The Brookings Institution in Washington, DC. The event brought together leading academics, multi-lateral organizations, and government officials to engage on issues of Macroeconomic Policies, International Cooperation, and Investment for Growth.

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Diverse stakeholders with a legitimate interest in policy outcomes often lack access to the process, information, and language necessary to participate effectively. IPD emphasizes diverse participation to enable civic involvement in economic policymaking.

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