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Call for Papers for the Journal of Globalization and Development

As the world is experiencing the COVID-19 and entering a global financial crisis, The Journal of Globalization and Development seeks rigorous academic papers on three different topic areas to be published in upcoming special issues.


The Quality of Growth in Africa

Edited by Joseph Stiglitz, Ravi Kanbur, and Akbar Noman, his volume brings together prominent international contributors to consider a range of interrelated questions concerning the quality of growth in Africa, with a primary focus on sub-Saharan countries.


Joseph Stiglitz Publishes New Book: People, Power, and Profits

A Nobel prize winner challenges us to throw off the free market fundamentalists and reclaim our economy. An authoritative account of the predictable dangers of free market fundamentalism and the foundations of progressive capitalism, People, Power, and Profits shows us an America in crisis, but also lights a path through this challenging time.


Rewriting the Rules of the European Economy

In the new FEPS publication, Nobel Laureate Professor Joseph Stiglitz presents in cooperation with a large number of European scholars a different vision of the economic and social policy of European Union. He highlights in a detailed analysis how the rules, institutions and policies need to be rewritten in order to continue the European way.


The Welfare State Revisited

In this book, José Antonio Ocampo and Joseph E. Stiglitz bring together distinguished contributors to examine the global variations of social programs and make the case for a redesigned twenty-first-century welfare state.

Latest Publications

Dialogue on critical issues in development policy

Diverse stakeholders with a legitimate interest in policy outcomes often lack access to the process, information, and language necessary to participate effectively. IPD emphasizes diverse participation to enable civic involvement in economic policymaking.

Featured Publication
People, Power, and Profits by Joseph Stiglitz
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