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Advanced Graduate Workshop

Today well over one billion people live in absolute poverty. In today’s increasingly globalized world, poverty is closely tied to global systems and what happens in the board rooms and government chambers of developed nations can have profound implications on the lives of the poor in every nation. The Advanced Graduation Workshop in Poverty, Development and Globalization, previously a collaborative effort between the Initiative for Policy Dialogue and Brooks World Poverty Institute at the University of Manchester, is reintroduced this year through the combined forces of the Initiative for Policy Dialogue, the Azim Premji University, and the Institute for New Economic Thinking. The Workshop, to be held in Bangalore, India, is interested in the complex global interactions that influence poverty and development as well as strategies for development that have proven successful in promoting growth and reducing poverty. A series of lectures given by leading academics and practitioners from around the world will deal with a range of economic, political and social issues pertaining to development and poverty.

Upcoming Events

  • 2015 Advanced Graduate Workshop on Poverty, Development and Globalization

    01/03/15-01/17/15   Graduate Workshop

    Bangalore, India

    We are pleased to announce a call for student nominations for the 8th Annual Advanced Graduate Workshop (AGW) on Poverty, Development and Globalization. As in the past two years it is organized jointly by the Azim Premji University, the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) and Columbia University's Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD). This small interdisciplinary workshop, which I will direct, will be held in Bangalore, India from January 3-17, 2015. Many of you have nominated students…

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