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About Us


The Initiative for Policy Dialogue works to broaden dialogue and explore trade-offs in development policy by bringing the best ideas in development to policymakers facing globalization’s complex challenges and opportunities. We strive to contribute to a more equitably governed world by democratizing the production and use of knowledge.

Founded in July 2000 by Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz, the Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD) stimulates a heterodox policy dialogue on major issues in international development. IPD is a global network of leading economists, political scientists, and premier academic and policy centers in the global South and North. We bring the issues of developing countries to academics and the fruits of academic research to policymakers.

We promote more inclusive and pluralist discourse on the major global debates on economic and political development, in which countries often face a narrow set of policy prescriptions that may not fully suit their domestic preferences and capabilities. IPD helps countries analyze the complex policy trade-offs they face and provides them with access to a broader range of economic solutions that promote democratic, equitable and sustainable development.

IPD pursues its objectives through four programmatic areas:

Our Task Forces bring together experts from various countries to study complex development issues and provide policy alternatives;

Our Country Dialogues improve the quality of official decision making on economic issues, and open critical development debates up to a broader array of participants;

Our Journalism Program helps strengthen journalists' economic literacy to better report on the major economic issues confronting developing economies;

Our Education Programs are grounded in a critique and reformulation of standard economic theory, examining issues at the nexus of the global and local in developing countries.