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Akbar Noman

Senior Fellow

Akbar Noman is an economist with wide-ranging experience of policy analysis and formulation in a variety of developing and transition economies, having worked extensively for the World Bank as well as other international organizations and at senior levels of government. He combines teaching at SIPA with being a Senior Fellow at the Initiative for Policy Dialogue where his tasks continue to include policy work with governments. His other academic appointments have been at Oxford University (where he was also a student) and the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex.


Policy Briefs

  • Joint Statement of IPD Experts on Global Burden-Sharing for Climate Change

    07/07/10   Policy Brief #4

    Akbar Noman, Sivan Kartha, Jose Maria Figueres, Ato Newai Gebre-Ab, Stephany Griffith-Jones, Manoj Roy, Ambuj Sagar, Wolfram Schlenker, Willi Semmler, Stephen Spratt, Nicholas Stern, Michelle Chan, Hirofumi Uzawa, Joseph Stiglitz, Kirit Parikh, Deepak Nayyar, Mohan Munasinghe, Louis Lemkow, Martin Khor, Robert Hahn, Luis Miguel Galindo, Zhiyuan Cui, Kevin Conrad, John Broome, Charlotte Billingham, Clive Agnew, Amar Bhattacharya, Frank Ackerman

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