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2010 Advanced Graduate Workshop on Poverty, Development, and Globalization

June 20, 2010

University of Manchester   Manchester, United Kingdom

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The 2010 BWPI/IPD Advanced Graduate Workshop brought together twenty-five PhD students and four TA's from across the world to gather at the University of Manchester for an intensive three week summer school devoted to the topics of poverty, globalization and development.  AGW students were recruited from a range of academic disciplines including political science, economics, sociology and land economy, in order to imbue lectures and discussion with cross-discipline perspectives.  Accepted AGW students represent the highest standard in academic achievement and intellectual inquiry, and as such were encouraged to fully engage with the distinguished roster of lecturers to visit the AGW through post-lecture Question and Answer sessions, one-on-one "office hour" meetings and informal dinnertime discussion.

Notable lecturers from the 2010 workshop included (but were certainly not limited to):  Keynote presider Joseph Stiglitz (Founder and Co-President of IPD, Chair of BWPI), Ha-Joon Chang, Robert Wade, Edmund Valpy Knox Fitzgerald, Mary Kaldor and Timothy Besley.

Upon arrival at the University of Manchester the students were soon split up into four small groups which would serve as their peer-review support system for the length of the workshop.  While not attending lecture, students worked in their small groups to polish and refine their individual presentations which would be presented to the entire workshop in the final week.  Our TA's (comprised of past AGW alumni or Columbia University IGERT program students familiar with the cross discipline peer review model) served as leaders, resources and guides to their small groups-- promoting constructive criticism and feedback from the group in order to help the presenter improve what might ultimately become their future dissertation defense or job talk.