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Freetown, Sierra Leone (February 20-22, 2008)

February 20, 2008

Freetown, Sierra Leone

Agenda  22kb pdf

IPD was invited to participate in a workshop on “Budget and Financial Reporting” organized by the Commonwealth Secretariat. Speakers included former BBC reporter Orin Gordon and a number of regional journalists and officials.

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Preparing for Sierra Leone's Stock market

126kb pdf
Anya Schiffrin

Anya Schiffrin's presentation on the pros and cons of setting up a new stock market, increased regulations on disclosure, how the IPO process works and what are the main company stories that reporters are expected to cover.

New Thinking on Development

140kb pdf
Anya Schiffrin

There is now global agreement on the dangers of capital market liberalization and the need for trade agreements which are fair to all. New writings by Paul Collier, Jeffrey Sachs and Joseph E. Stiglitz have laid out alternatives for developing countries with resource wealth. Anya Schiffrin’s presentation on how thinking on development has shifted radically in the last decade.

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