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Jakarta, Indonesia (December 13-14, 2004)

December 13, 2004

Jakarta, Indonesia

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On December 13 and 14, 2004, we held a two-day workshop on “Covering Labor.” The aim of the workshop was to strengthen reporter’s understanding of issues such as international and local labor standards, trade unions, corporate governance, activism, labor disputes and legal frameworks. The workshop was co-organized by the Pantau Foundation in Jakarta. Speakers included Anya Schiffrin, Columbia professor and journalist; Mila Rosenthal, Columbia professor, Dita Sari, labor activist; Kevin Cassidy, ILO; and Carmen Noriel, ILO.

In conjunction with the workshop, on Dec. 13, there was also a book discussion about "Covering Globalization" with Anya Schiffrin at 7 p.m. at QB World Books on Jl. Kemang Raya 17, Jakarta 12720.

Perspectives on Reporting Labor Issues

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Keith Loveard

Keith Loveard's presentation from the second day of the labor workshop.

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