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Lagos, Nigeria (May 7-9, 2004)

May 1, 2004

Lagos, Nigeria

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A three-day workshop on "Covering Resource Wealth" was held in Lagos. Columbia University adjunct professor Jenik Radon was among the speakers.

Managing oil wealth is a challenge for developing and transition countries that are lucky enough to have these resources. Nations need to decide how they can deal with influxes of large revenues without producing distortions of income inequality, corruption, misallocation of resources and macroeconomic imbalances such as high inflation and low growth.

Journalists who attend the three day workshop will learn about challenges of resource wealth, the experiences of other countries and receive guidance on how to cover some of the technical and macro/micro economic issues involved.

This two-day workshop is open to Nigerian journalists who cover business, economics and/or the oil sector. Interested applicants will need to submit samples of their work, their cvs and a brief statement as to why they want to attend and what they hope to learn from the workshop. Journalists selected will need to attend all the sessions and be prepared to write two stories based on the sessions they attend. These will be critiqued by some of the lecturers at the workshop.

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Agricultural and Rural Development

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Trading Places - Inside the Oil Futures Market

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Tracking Oil Wealth

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