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An Uncertain Future: The World Economy, Globalization and Resentment

September 30, 2022

Vienna Humanities Festival, Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen   Vienna, Austria

Covid-19, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, inflation, supply chain problems, food shortages and worsening climate events have upended global systems and forever changed people’s lives. The old approaches to what governments should do and how the international economic system should work, based on neoliberalism, won’t work as a way forward, especially as we enter a new Cold War, and an era in which the need for global cooperation is ever more apparent. We must chart a new course, one in which markets and governments operate in tandem, in which corporations don’t dictate vaccine availability and richer countries offer constructive and real help to developing countries. JOSEPH E. STIGLITZ is the recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics. In his lecture, and in conversation with IWM Rector MISHA GLENNY, he will discuss how countries can work together to create a different and better globalization.

Joseph Stiglitz is an American economist, public policy analyst, and professor at Columbia University. He is a recipient of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences (2001) and the John Bates Clark Medal (1979), also a former chief economist of the World Bank. Stiglitz has received more than 40 honorary degrees. In 2011, he was named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Misha Glenny, Rector of the IWM, is a journalist, author and public intellectual. He covered the 1989 revolutions in Yugoslavia for The Guardian and was the BBC’s Central Europe Correspondent. His publications include accounts of Yugoslavia’s descent into war as well as books on organized crime and cybersecurity.

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