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Beyond Austerity: Building European Solidarity

September 17, 2013

Concert Noble   Brussels, Belgium

Meeting Report  722kb pdf

In their September 17 meeting, "Beyond Austerity: Building European solidarity", part of their ongoing "Call to Europe" series, with the aim to provide visionary and inclusive alternatives to austerity, the Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS) called upon academic experts, democratic representatives and civil society. Together they discussed an alternative social and economic approach for Europe and the importance of building European solidarity among citizens and countries.  Stephany Griffith-Jones, IPD's Director of Financial Markets Research was one of the featured presenters and participants.


Dr. Griffith-Jones presented in the "Innovation and Growth in Europe" panel which targeted questions such as: 

  • How does innovation come about, and how should it be financed? (Academics)
  • What economic policies and institutional changes have been implemented at EU and national level to make sure that finance supports and fosters innovation and growth in Europe? (MEPs)
  • What policies (financial, macroeconomic and structural) are needed to stimulate innovation and technological development of SMEs in Europe? (Civil Society)