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Climate Change Task Force Meeting, Manchester 2009

June 17, 2009

Brooks World Poverty Institute, University of Manchester   Manchester, United Kingdom

Agenda  61kb pdf
Meeting Report  17kb pdf

The risks to climate change resulting from the increase in atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases have been well documented. There are likely to be especially adverse effects on developing countries, and especially the poor within these countries.

Global warming is a global problem, and a solution requires rapid and radical action by all countries. But if the developing countries are to make the contributions that they must make if the problem is to be brought under control, there must be equitable burden sharing—although conceptions of what is fair and equitable differ. The Initiative for Policy Dialogue's (IPD) Climate Change Task Force meeting convened climate scholars and advocates from all over the world to discuss negotiations in North-South burden-sharing on climate change mitigation.

There is already global agreement that the international community must respond to climate change in ways that do not adversely affect growth and poverty alleviation within the developing world. This would even be so if it were not the case that the developed countries had a historical responsibility for the increases in greenhouse gases, or bear especial culpability for their failures to live up to prior commitments. This means both that the incremental costs of mitigation must be borne by the developed countries, and that the developed countries help the developing countries bear the costs of adaptation.

  • Clive Agnew
    Task Force Member
    Head of School of Environment and Development
    The University of Manchester, School of Environment and Development
  • Imran Ahmad
    Task Force Member
    Senior Economic Affairs Officer
    Development Policy and Analysis Division, UNDESA
  • Kevin Anderson
    Task Force Member
    Tyndall Center, University of Manchester
  • Paul Baer
    Task Force Member
    Research Director
  • Raekwon Chung
    Task Force Member
    Climate Change Ambassador of South Korea
    Republic of Korea
  • Kevin Conrad
    Task Force Member
    Executive Director
    Rainforest Coalition
  • Ricardo Fuentes
    Task Force Member
    WDR Co-author
    World Bank
  • Ian Goldin
    Task Force Member
    The James Martin 21st Century School
  • Stephany Griffith-Jones
    Task Force Member
    Financial Markets Program Director
    Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD)
  • Merylyn Hedger
    Task Force Member
    IDS, University of Sussex
  • David Hulme
    Task Force Member
    Executive Director
    Brooks World Poverty Institute
  • Sivan Kartha
    Task Force Member
    Director of the Climate and Energy Programme
    Stockholm Institute
  • Gerhard Knies
    Task Force Member
    Chairman of the Supervisory Board
    DESERTEC Foundation
  • Benito Muller
    Task Force Member
    Director, Energy and Environment
    Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
  • Mohan Munasinghe
    Task Force Member
    Munasinghe Institute for Development (MIND)
  • José Antonio Ocampo
    Task Force Member
    Professor of Professional Practice at Columbia University and former Minister of Finance of Colombia
    Columbia University
  • Atiq Rahman
    Task Force Member
    Executive Director
    Bangladesh Center for Advanced Studies
  • Manoj Roy
    Task Force Member
    Brooks World Poverty Institute
  • Jagjeet Sareen
    Task Force Member
    Associate Programme Officer
    United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
  • Sangeeta Shashikant
    Task Force Member
    Third World Network
  • Andrew Simms
    Task Force Member
    Policy Director
    New Economics Foundation
  • Friederick Soltau
    Task Force Member
    Programme Analysis and Networks Branch
    Division for Sustainable Development
  • Joseph Stiglitz
    Task Force Member
    Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD)
  • Matthew Stilwell
    Task Force Member
    Director of the European Office
    Institute for Governance & Sustainable Development (IGSD)
All Files (32) zip
Climate Policy Integration: Towards Operationalization

246kb pdf
Imran Ahmad

Reaching a Climate Deal in Copenhagen

72kb pdf
Imran Ahmad,
Johannes B. Opschoor

PowerPoint: World Economic and Social Survey 2009

160kb pdf
Imran Ahmad

From Long-Term Targets to Cumulative Emission Pathways: Reframing UK Climate Policy

261kb pdf
Kevin Anderson,
Alice Bows,
Sarah Mander

Reframing the Climate Change Challenge In Light of Post-2000 Emission Trends

355kb pdf
Kevin Anderson,
Alice Bows

Presentation Abstract: Reframing Climate Change: From Long-Term Targets to Emission Pathways

24kb pdf
Kevin Anderson

PowerPoint: Reframing Climate Change: From Long-Term Targets to Emission Pathways

587kb pdf
Kevin Anderson

The Greenhouse Development Rights Framework

1.97mb pdf
Paul Baer,
Sivan Kartha,
Tom Athanasiou,
Eric Kemp-Benedict

PowerPoint: Options for “NAMAs”

52kb pdf
Paul Baer

A Global Green New Deal for Sustainable Development

138kb pdf
Friederick Soltau,
Tariq Banuri,
David Le Blanc,
Chantal Line Carpentier,
Andy Yager

PowerPoint: Government Role for Technology Transfer

73kb pdf
Raekwon Chung

PowerPoint: Key Issues for Copenhagen

905kb pdf
Raekwon Chung

Developing Country Interests in Climate Change Action and the Implications for a Post-2012 Climate Change Regime

795kb pdf
Aaron Cosbey

The Role of Private Investment in Increasing Climate Friendly Technologies in Developing Countries

174kb pdf
Stephany Griffith-Jones,
Merylyn Hedger,
Leah Stokes

PowerPoint: Adaptation as a Development Issue

974kb pdf
Merylyn Hedger

The Right to Development in a Climate Constrained World: The Greenhouse Development Rights Framework

341kb pdf
Paul Baer,
Sivan Kartha,
Tom Athanasiou,
Eric Kemp-Benedict

US China Long Term Low Carbon City Initiative

29kb pdf
C. S. Kiang

PowerPoint: Integrated Solutions to Interlinked Challenges: Climate Change, Sustainable Development, and the Global Economic Crisis

589kb pdf
Mohan Munasinghe

Solving the Multiple Global Crises Together

63kb pdf
Mohan Munasinghe

PowerPoint: Key Adaptation Challenges and Issues

1.04mb pdf
Atiq Rahman

PowerPoint: Financing for Climate Change: Key Issues for an Agreed Outcome in Copenhagen

74kb pdf
Jagjeet Sareen

PowerPoint: Technology Transfer & Intellectual Property

94kb pdf
Sangeeta Shashikant

Climate Crisis: Roosevelt Revisited

48kb pdf
Andrew Simms

Sharing the Burden of Saving the Planet: Global Social Justice for Sustainable Development

205kb pdf
Joseph Stiglitz

PowerPoint: Sharing the Burden of Saving the Planet: Global Social Justice for Sustainable Development

46kb pdf
Joseph Stiglitz

PowerPoint: A Shared Vision: Towards A Fair and Sustainable Climate Deal

493kb pdf
Matthew Stilwell

Energy Productivity, Labor Productivity, and Global Warming

154kb pdf
Lance Taylor

Three in One Solution

26kb pdf
Mohan Munasinghe,
Vinod Thomas

PowerPoint: DESERTEC: A Practical Program for Energy and Climate Security of a World with 10 Billion People Based on Clean Power from Deserts and Global Justice

2.63mb pdf
Gerhard Knies

PowerPoint: The UNFCCC Financial Mechanism: Reform of the Institutional Architecture and Governance

113kb pdf
Benito Muller

The Reformed Financial Mechanism of the UNFCCC: Architecture and Governance

193kb pdf
Benito Muller

Report of a Workshop of Experts on Global Burden-Sharing Agreement on Climate Change: Urgency and Fairness

31kb pdf
Joseph Stiglitz,
Martin Khor,
Deepak Nayyar,
Akbar Noman,
Stephany Griffith-Jones,
Ato Newai Gebre-Ab,
Nicholas Stern,
Amar Bhattacharya,
Stephen Spratt,
Zhiyuan Cui,
Clive Agnew,
Kevin Conrad,
Sivan Kartha,
Manoj Roy,
Mohan Munasinghe,
Willi Semmler,
Ambuj Sagar,
John Broome,
Frank Ackerman,
Charlotte Billingham,
Robert Hahn,
Michelle Chan,
Jose Maria Figueres,
Louis Lemkow,
Kirit Parikh,
Hirofumi Uzawa,
Wolfram Schlenker,
Luis Miguel Galindo