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Climate Change Task Force Meeting, Manchester 2010

July 6, 2010

Brooks World Poverty Institute, University of Manchester   Manchester, United Kingdom

Agenda  16kb pdf

IPD's 2010 Climate Change Task Force meeting aimed to take stock of the status of a global climate change agreement after Copenhagen and to contribute to advancing the discourse on what would constitute a least unfair bargaining equilibrium, especially from the perspective of developing countries.


  • Brooks World Poverty Institute
    University of Manchester
    Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Sustainable Consumption Institute
    University of Manchester
    Manchester, United Kingdom

The principles for sharing what is left of the carbon space and the practice of how to do so are intertwined with the issues of financing and access to technology for mitigation and adaptation. The discussions at the meeting focused on determining what a fair burden sharing agreement would look like. What kinds of compromises might or should be acceptable?

There is now almost universal recognition that there will have to be a “global climate deal.” But so far, the maximum that the recalcitrant developed countries are willing to put on the table is less than the minimum that even most of the reasonable developing countries are willing to accept. We believe that part of the reason for this gap is that the issues have been framed in the wrong way, and the full implications, including for development, have not been adequately assessed. The ideas put forth at this meeting envisaged a small, but important, step in closing this gap.

  • Clive Agnew
    Task Force Member
    Head of School of Environment and Development
    The University of Manchester, School of Environment and Development
  • Amar Bhattacharya
    Task Force Member
    G24 Secretariat
  • Charlotte Billingham
    Task Force Member
    Foundation for European Progressive Studies
  • Frank Ackerman
    Task Force Member
    Stockholm Environmental Institute
  • Kevin Conrad
    Task Force Member
    Executive Director
    Rainforest Coalition
  • Zhiyuan Cui
    Task Force Member
    Professor, Public Policy and Management
    Tsinghua University
  • Ato Newai Gebre-Ab
    Task Force Member
    Economic Adviser to Prime Minister;
    Government of Ethiopia
  • Stephany Griffith-Jones
    Task Force Member
    Financial Markets Program Director
    Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD)
  • Joseph Stiglitz
    Task Force Chair
    Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD)
  • Akbar Noman
    Task Force Member
    Senior Policy Fellow
    Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD)
  • Ambuj Sagar
    Task Force Chair
    Professor of Policy Studies
    Indian Institute of Technology
  • Stephen Spratt
    Task Force Member
    Globalization Team
    Institute of Development Studies
  • Nicholas Stern
    Task Force Member
    Asia Research Centre
    London School of Economics
  • Deepak Nayyar
    Task Force Member
    Vice Chancellor
    University of Delhi
  • Martin Khor
    Task Force Member
    Executive Director
    South Centre
  • Mohan Munasinghe
    Task Force Member
    Munasinghe Institute for Development (MIND)
  • Jintao Xu
    Task Force Member
    Professor of Natural Resource Economics
    Department of Environmental Sciences
    Peking University
  • Sivan Kartha
    Task Force Member
    Director of the Climate and Energy Programme
    Stockholm Institute
  • John Broome
    Task Force Member
    University of Oxford
  • Willi Semmler
    Task Force Member
    New School for Social Research
  • Michelle Chan
    Task Force Member
    Friends of the Earth
  • Jose Maria Figueres
    Task Force Member
    Former President of Costa Rica
  • Luis Miguel Galindo
    Task Force Member
    Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)
  • Louis Lemkow
    Task Force Member
    Barcelona Autonomous University
  • Kirit Parikh
    Task Force Member
    Indira Gandhi Institute
  • Manoj Roy
    Task Force Member
    Brooks World Poverty Institute
  • Wolfram Schlenker
    Task Force Member
    Columbia University
  • Robert Hahn
    Task Force Member
    Sustainable Consumption Institute
    University of Manchester
  • Hirofumi Uzawa
    Task Force Member
    Doshisha University
All Files (11) zip
CRED: Modeling Climate and Development

275kb pdf
Frank Ackerman

Climate Policies and Structural Change: Employment and Output Effects of Sustainable Growth

2.42mb pdf
Willi Semmler

Growth, Climate Change and Mitigation Policies: The Case for A Carbon Tax

1.74mb pdf
Willi Semmler

Sharing the Burden of Saving the Planet: Global Social Justice for Sustainable Development

205kb pdf
Joseph Stiglitz

CRED: A New Model of Climate and Development

452kb pdf
Frank Ackerman

Two Questions for Economists

11kb pdf
John Broome

Discourses – the Global South

411kb pdf
Sivan Kartha

Global Warming, Proportional Carbon Taxes, and an International Fund for Atmospheric Stabilization

747kb pdf
Hirofumi Uzawa

Social Common Capital and Sustainable Development

618kb pdf
Hirofumi Uzawa

Climate Change: A Parking Place Model for A Just Global Compact

214kb pdf
Kirit Parikh

Report of a Workshop of Experts on Global Burden-Sharing Agreement on Climate Change: Urgency and Fairness

31kb pdf
Nicholas Stern,
Martin Khor,
Deepak Nayyar,
Amar Bhattacharya,
Ambuj Sagar,
John Broome,
Frank Ackerman,
Charlotte Billingham,
Robert Hahn,
Michelle Chan,
Jose Maria Figueres,
Louis Lemkow,
Kirit Parikh,
Hirofumi Uzawa,
Wolfram Schlenker,
Luis Miguel Galindo,
Akbar Noman,
Clive Agnew,
Stephen Spratt,
Kevin Conrad,
Sivan Kartha,
Stephany Griffith-Jones,
Manoj Roy,
Mohan Munasinghe,
Zhiyuan Cui,
Ato Newai Gebre-Ab,
Joseph Stiglitz,
Willi Semmler