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Fiscal Governance at Times of Slow Growth

April 17, 2016

Global Economy and Development, The Brookings Institute   Washington, District of Columbia, United States

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This is the fourth annual IPD-FEPS conference.  This conference will focus on the important topic of challenges for fiscal policy and rules in the context of the risk of slowdown of the world economy. The objective of the seminar is to discuss fiscal rules, identifying key issues and problems. These will include a discussion of the Fiscal Compact in Europe; need to reform policy and rules? Fiscal rules in the developing world,including management of commodity prices. Introducing counter-cyclicality into fiscal rules. In addition, this seminar will propose progressive ways for fiscal reform. These will include how to allow for more flexibility in fiscal rules, including more counter-cyclicality? Is it time to go back to golden rules, to allow space for investment? The conference will finish with a panel of very senior policy-makers discussing fiscal policy and rules that can contribute to growth.

  • Katherine Stephan
    Freelance Journalist