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IPD/JICA Task Force Meeting on Industrial Policy and Transformation at Columbia University

February 24, 2015

Faculty House, Columbia University   New York, New York, United States

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After a prolonged neglect, there has been of late a revival of interest in the nexus of issues of economic transformation, industrialization and industrial policies. The Task Force aims to build on and foster this revival.

Whilst industrial policies are highly relevant to industrialization, the focus is not confined to industry. The term is used in a broader sense to refer to policies that promote economic transformation and learning, including in modern services and agriculture. It would be more accurate to refer to them as learning, industrial and technology (LIT) policies (but given the familiarity with the term, industrial policies, the two may be used interchangeably). This was the second  meeting of a task force jointly established by the Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD) at Columbia University and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) since our first successful meeting in Jordan on June 2014. The one and a half day Task Force meeting drew 18 distinguished economists around the world. Each presented innovative studies on the topic. 

  • Joseph Stiglitz
    IPD Staff
    Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD)
  • José Antonio Ocampo
    IPD Staff
    Professor of Professional Practice at Columbia University and former Minister of Finance of Colombia
    Columbia University
  • Akbar Noman
    Task Force Chair
    Senior Policy Fellow
    Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD)
  • Go Shimada
    Senior Research Fellow
    Research Program Division
    JICA Research Institute
  • Deepak Nayyar
    Vice Chancellor
    University of Delhi
  • Robert Wade
    Professor of Political Economy, Development Studies Institute
    London School of Economics
  • Akio Hosono
    Senior Research Advisor
    Research Institute, Japan International Cooperation Agency
  • Antonio Andreoni
    Research Associate
    Institute for Manufacturing
    University of Cambridge
  • Joao Carlos Ferraz
    Division de Desarrollo Productivo y Empresarial
  • Nobuya Haraguchi
    Industrial Development Officer
  • Luciano Pietronero
    Professor of Condensed Matter Physics
    University of Rome \"La Sapienza\"
  • Wouter Schmit Jongbloed
    JSD Candidate
    Law School
    Columbia University
  • William Johnson
    PhD Candidate
    Department of Economics
    Boston University
  • Ming Leong Kuan
    PhD Candidate
    Center of Development Studies
    University of Cambridge
  • Ichiro Tambo
    JICA Research Institute
  • C.P. Chandrasekhar
    Centre for Economic Studies and Planning
    Jawaharlal Nehru University
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C.P. Chandrasekhar

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Ming Leong Kuan

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William Johnson

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Joao Carlos Ferraz

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Nobuya Haraguchi

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Eric Verhoogen

Schmit Jongbloed Bonds That Bind Feb 18 2015

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Wouter Schmit Jongbloed

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Akio Hosono

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