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Reforming the Global Monetary System, Beijing 2011

March 18, 2011

Central University of Finance and Economics   Beijing, China

Agenda  34kb pdf
Meeting Report  211kb pdf

“Reforming the Global Monetary System” will be held in Beijing from March 18-19, 2011.  It is organized by the Initiative for Policy Dialogue at Columbia University and the School of Finance at Central University of Finance and Economics,  with support from the Ford Foundation and the Columbia Global Center East Asia.

The meeting's goals are to build upon the conclusion of the report of the UN Commission on Reform of the International Monetary and Financial System that the dollar-backed global reserve system must be reformed. Key thinkers and policymakers will come together to address the following questions:

  • What are the different options for reform of the global reserve system; what is their economic desirability and political feasibility?
  • Are there Pareto improving reforms to be found that are of benefit to the major players? Can a new global institutional framework facilitate smoother and more growth-oriented realignments of domestic policies than the current one?
  • Which options are (or should be) most favored by developing countries in general and BRICs in particular?
  • What role is there for regional schemes, and how should they interact with global arrangements?
  • How can an orderly transition from the current system to a new system be managed?

Please revisit this page after our meeting for more on this extremely timely topic.

  • Joseph Stiglitz
    Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD)
  • José Antonio Ocampo
    Professor of Professional Practice at Columbia University and former Minister of Finance of Colombia
    Columbia University
  • Liqing Zhang
    Dean of School of Finance
    Central University of Finance and Economics - Beijing
  • Stephany Griffith-Jones
    Task Force Chair
    Financial Markets Program Director
    Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD)
  • Yongding Yu
    Director, Institute of World Economics and Politics
    Chinese Academy of Social Science
  • Jan Allen Kregel
    Task Force Chair
    Professor, Levy Economics Institute
    Bard College
  • John Williamson
    Senior Fellow
    Peter G. Peterson Institute for International Economics
  • Marc Uzan
    Task Force Chair
    Executive Director, Founder
    Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee
  • Yi Gang
    Deputy Governor
    People's Bank of China
  • Benhua Wei
    Non-Executive Independent Director
    Global Logistics Properties Ltd.
  • Yung Chul Park
    Research Professor/ Director
    Graduate School of International Studies
    Seoul National University
  • Haihong Gao
    Senior Fellow, Director of Research
    International Finance
    Institute of World Economics & Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
  • Ulrich Volz
    Senior Economist
    Department of World Economy and Development Financing
    German Development Institute
  • Chalongphob Sussangkarn
    Distinguished Fellow
    Thailand Development Research Institute
  • Robert Wade
    Task Force Member
    Professor of Political Economy, Development Studies Institute
    London School of Economics
  • Geng Xiao
    Columbia Global Center for East Asia
  • Zen Cai
    Task Force Member
  • Jacob Frenkel
    JP Morgan Chase
  • Jing Gu
    Task Force Member
    Director of Research Center for International Finance Studies, CASS
  • Yiping Huang
    Professor of Economics
    China Macroeconomic Research Center
    Peking University
  • Qi Lan
    Task Force Chair
  • Nina Massis
    Task Force Member
    Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee
  • Alice Ouyang
    Task Force Member
    Associate Professor
  • Michael Pettis
    Task Force Member
    Peking University
  • Xiaofen Tan
    Task Force Member
    Associate Professor
  • Xin Wang
    Task Force Chair
    Deputy Director
    Financial Research Institute
    People's Bank of China
  • Dantao Zhu
    Task Force Member
    Division Chief
All Files (22) zip
"Reforming the Global Monetary System" Meeting Report

211kb pdf
Mildred Menos

Reforming the International Monetary and Financial Architecture

59kb doc
José Antonio Ocampo

A Modest Proposal for International Monetary Reform

377kb pdf
Joseph Stiglitz,
Bruce Greenwald

Reforming the Global Reserve System

101kb pdf
Joseph Stiglitz

Special Drawing Rights and the Reform of the Global Reserve System

713kb pdf
José Antonio Ocampo

Building an SDR-Based Global ReserveSystem

210kb pdf
José Antonio Ocampo

The Case For a Global Reserve Currency

24kb docx
Joseph Stiglitz,
José Antonio Ocampo

An SDR Based Reserve System

244kb pdf
Peter Kenen

The Social Cost of Foreign Exchange Reserves

504kb pdf
Dani Rodrik

Sovereign Wealth Funds: A Developing Country Perspective

220kb pdf
José Antonio Ocampo,
Stephany Griffith-Jones

Towards A New Global Reserve System

327kb pdf
Joseph Stiglitz,
Bruce Greenwald

Report of the Commission of Experts of the President of the United Nations General Assembly on Reforms of the International Monetary and Financial System

1.20mb pdf
Joseph Stiglitz,
José Antonio Ocampo

The Future of the Reserve System

196kb pdf
John Williamson

Towards A World Reserve System, New York 2009 Meeting Report

71kb pdf

A Modest Proposal for the G20

13kb pdf
Joseph Stiglitz,
José Antonio Ocampo,
Jean-Paul Fitoussi,
John Williamson,
Stephany Griffith-Jones,
Robert Wade,
YV Reddy,
Liqing Zhang,
Geng Xiao,
Yongding Yu,
Peter Kenen,
Benhua Wei,
Wing Thye Woo,
Haihong Gao,
Ulrich Volz,
Yiping Huang,
Jing Li

Global Imbalances and Regional Economic Integration in East Asia

31kb pdf
Ulrich Volz

The Multi-Currency System, Including Internationalization of the Renmimbi

120kb pdf
Jan Allen Kregel

Reform of Global Reserve System and China’s Choice

31kb pdf
Liqing Zhang

Regional Financial Cooperation in East Asia: Recent Developments and Prospects

152kb docx
Liqing Zhang

Note on Chiang Mai Initiative Multilateralization

20kb pdf
Chalongphob Sussangkarn

International Reserve Diversification: A Proposal for the G20

58kb pdf

An alternative perspective on global imbalances and international reserve currencies

267kb pdf
Jan Allen Kregel