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Schumpeter v. Keynes Ford/IIE Workshop

December 5, 2013

Columbia University   New York, New York, United States

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A workshop was held at Columbia University on December 5-6, 2013 concerned with exploring the effects of macro economic conditions and policies on pace and orientation of economic development, viewed as a process that involves centrally innovation (in the sense of introducing ways of doing things that are new in the environment) and structural transformation.


The workshop would bring together about fifteen economists, who have a central interest in economic development, but who reside in two different intellectual camps that to date have not communicated much with each other, and should. One camp consists of industrial economists who take a Schumpeterian-evolutionary-structural transformation perspective on economic development, and whose research has mostly been at the microeconomic level, but who increasingly are recognizing the importance of macroeconomic conditions and policies. The other camp consists of macroeconomists, who increasingly are recognizing that the economic development process is one of disequilibrium and continuing structural transformation, but who do not know much about the details of the processes involved. The Ford Foundation and the Institute for International Education have kindly agreed to support this first workshop, which we hope will provide the focus and energy for a range of future research projects.

  • José Antonio Ocampo
    Task Force Chair
    Professor of Professional Practice at Columbia University and former Minister of Finance of Colombia
    Columbia University
  • Richard Nelson
    Task Force Chair
    Professor Emeritus
    The Earth Institute
    Columbia University
  • Leonardo Burlamaqui
    Task Force Member
    State University of Rio de Janeiro
  • Jorge Katz
    Task Force Member
    Economic Growth and Innovation
    University of Chile
  • Keun Lee
    Task Force Member
    Department of Economics
    Seoul National University
  • Mario Cimoli
    Task Force Member
    Professor of Economics
    Ca' Foscari University of Venice
  • Jaime Ros
    Task Force Member
    Professor of Economics
    University of Notre Dame
  • Gabriel Porcile
    Task Force Member
  • Bilge Erten
    Task Force Member
    Postdoctoral Research Scholar
    Committee on Global Thought
    Columbia University
  • Akbar Noman
    Task Force Member
    Senior Policy Fellow
    Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD)
  • Sunil Mani
    Task Force Member
    Planning Commission Chair Professor
    Development Economics
    Centre for Development Studies, Trivandrum
  • Bart Verspagen
    Task Force Member
  • Mario Pianta
    Task Force Member
    Full Professor of Economic Policy
    Economics Department
    University of Urbino
  • Javier Papa
    Task Force Member
    PhD Candidate
    Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena / Max Planck Institute of Economics
  • Rogerio Studart
    Task Force Member
    Alternate Executive Director
    World Bank Group
  • Andrea Roventini
    Task Force Member
    Assistant Professor
    University of Verona
  • Francisco Souza
    Task Force Member
    Assessor da DIR7

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Program Keynes-Schumpeter

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