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Shadow Gn Meeting, New York 2009

February 4, 2009

Columbia University   New York City, New York, United States

Agenda  38kb pdf
Meeting Report  173kb pdf


This meeting, co-organized and sponsored by LUISS University of Rome, brought together academics and policymakers from around the world to discuss the Global Financial Crisis and climate change and development in African in light of the crisis.

  • Hussein Abaza
    Task Force Member
    Chief of the Economics and Trade Branch
  • KY Amoako
    Task Force Member
    Executive Director
    African Center for Economic Transformation
  • Alicia Barcena
    Task Force Member
    Executive Secretary
  • Patrick Bolton
    Task Force Member
    Barbara and David Zalaznick Professor of Business
    Columbia University Business School
  • Juanita Castano
    Task Force Member
    United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
  • Keya Chatterjee
    Task Force Member
    Deputy Director
    WWF US Climate Change Program
  • Jane D'Arista
    Task Force Member
    Research Associate
    Political Economy Research Institute
  • Meghnad Desai
    Task Force Member
    London School of Economics
  • Giorgio Di Giorgio
    Task Force Member
    Dean of Faculty of Economics
    LUISS Guido Carli University
  • Mamadou Diouf
    Task Force Member
    Leitner Family Professor of African Studies
    Columbia University
  • Massimo Egidi
    Task Force Member
    LUISS Guido Carli University
  • John Evans
    Task Force Member
    General Secretary
    Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD
  • Jean-Paul Fitoussi
    Task Force Member
    Professor of Economics
    Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris
  • Edmund Valpy Knox Fitzgerald
    Task Force Member
    Department of International Development
    Oxford University
  • Heiner Flassbeck
    Task Force Member
    Chief Economist, Director of Division on Globalization and Development Strategies
  • Stephany Griffith-Jones
    Task Force Member
    Financial Markets Program Director
    Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD)
  • Francois Isserel-Savary
    Task Force Member
    Policy Advisor
    Foundation for European Progressive Studies
  • Maria Joao Rodrigues
    Task Force Member
    Foundation for European Progressive Studies
  • Paul Martin
    Task Force Member
    former Prime Minister
  • Juan Antonio Morales
    Task Force Member
    Visiting Professor
    Columbia University
  • Akbar Noman
    Task Force Member
    Senior Policy Fellow
    Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD)
  • José Antonio Ocampo
    Task Force Member
    Professor of Professional Practice at Columbia University and former Minister of Finance of Colombia
    Columbia University
  • Brian Pinto
    Task Force Member
    Advisor to the Managing Director
    World Bank
  • Sheng Fulai
    Task Force Member
    Senior Professional, Economics and Trade Branch
  • Damon A. Silvers
    Task Force Member
    Associate General Counsel
    American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO)
  • Howard Stein
    Task Force Member
    Professor, School of Public Health
    University of Michigan
  • Ernst Stetter
    Task Force Member
    Secretary General
    Foundation for European Progressive Studies
  • Joseph Stiglitz
    Task Force Member
    Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD)
  • Marc Uzan
    Task Force Member
    Executive Director, Founder
    Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee
  • Rob Vos
    Task Force Member
    Director Development Policy and Analysis
    United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs
All Files (27) zip
Note on Climate Change and Africa's Development

8kb pdf
Hussein Abaza,
Sheng Fulai

Macroeconomic Issues in Addressing the Crisis

36kb pdf

February Oversight Report

499kb pdf

Special Report on Regulatory Reform

843kb pdf

Monetary Policy: The Liquidity Risk Remains

21kb pdf
Jane D'Arista

Reforming the Global Reserve System

12kb pdf
Jane D'Arista

What Kind of Stimulus? Not Just in the US - but Worldwide.

31kb pdf
Kemal Derviş

The Crisis, the Solutions, and More Problems

17kb pdf
Meghnad Desai

Designing a Regulatory and Supervisory Framework for Integrated Financial Markets

124kb pdf
Giorgio Di Giorgio,
Carmine Di Noia

The Financial Crisis and the New Monetary Policy Tools

17kb pdf
Giorgio Di Giorgio

Trade Union Positions on the Economic Crisis

26kb pdf
John Evans

Fiscal Policy Facing the Crisis

53kb pdf
Jean-Paul Fitoussi

Concept Note for Wednesday Session II

141kb pdf
Edmund Valpy Knox Fitzgerald

Concept Note for Thursday Session II

136kb pdf
Edmund Valpy Knox Fitzgerald

Note on the Causes of the Crisis

37kb pdf
Heiner Flassbeck

Statement from G20 2008 Summitt

136kb pdf

G30: Financial Reform: A Framework for Financial Stability

281kb pdf

The Financial Crisis and Its Impact on Developing Countries

88kb pdf
José Antonio Ocampo,
Stephany Griffith-Jones

Climate Change Concept Paper

29kb pdf
Keya Chatterjee,
Richard Moss

Concept Note: How Can (and Should) Developing Countries Engage In Countercyclical Fiscal Policies?

36kb pdf
Brian Pinto

Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee: Building an International Monetary and Financial System for the 21st Century: Agenda for Reform

3.35mb pdf

Crises and the Bretton Woods Institutions

87kb pdf
Howard Stein

Why Africa Matters! – The Economic Crisis and Africa

64kb pdf
Ernst Stetter

The Commission of Experts of the President of the UN General Assembly on Reforms of the International Monetary and Financial System: Introductory Remarks by the Chairman

169kb pdf
Joseph Stiglitz

The Commission of Experts of the President of the UN General Assembly on Reforms of the International Monetary and Financial System: Recommendations for Immediate Action

20kb pdf
Joseph Stiglitz

UN World Economic Situation and Prospectus 2009

3.96mb pdf

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development: Will We Never Learn?

614kb pdf

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Program Governance of Globalization