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Transparency Task Force Meeting, Cancun 2005

February 24, 2005

Cancun, Mexico

Agenda  644kb pdf

Third International Conference of Access to Information Commissioners convened in Cancun in 2005 to discuss the issues of transparency and access to public information,and how they have have become fundamental topics, indissoluble of political and social change in the world. 

As corollary of the new democratic wave of the last part of the 20th century, both subject matters are compulsory in the political agenda of every nation. This is not merely causal: once the nations consolidate an open regime and agree upon the rules of the game of access to power, typical subject matters of the‘second generation’ come up immediately. Then the discussion isn’t just access to power but how to exercise and control democratic power. And, in the core of this new dilemma we find transparency and access to information. Such reasons —circumstantial to democratization— have confirmed a true international movement in 50 countries that have approved access to information Laws and 30 other that are in a process of adopting legislations in such matter.

  • Thomas S. Blanton
    Task Force Member
    Director of the National Security Archive
    George Washington University
  • Richard Calland
    Task Force Member
    Associate Professor in the Public Law Department
    University of Cape Town
  • Ann Florini
    Task Force Chair
    Director, Centre on Asia and Globalization
    National University of Singapore
  • Jamie P. Horsley
    Task Force Member
    Professor, Senior Research Scholar
    Yale University Law School
  • Laura Neuman
    Task Force Member
  • Ayo Obe
    Task Force Member
    Nigeria's Civil Liberties Organization
  • Alasdair Roberts
    Task Force Member
    Professor of Law and Public Policy
    Suffolk University Law School
  • Shekhar Singh
    Task Force Chair
    Founding Member
    National Campaign for People's Right to Information
  • Ivan Szekely
    Task Force Member
  • Hanhua Zhou
    Task Force Member
    Director, Constitutional Law and Administrative Law Department
    Chinese Academy of Social Science