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Viet Nam Country Dialogue 2001

June 27, 2001

Hanoi, Viet Nam

Agenda  83kb pdf

In June 2001, IPD held a series of policy discussions with policymaking groups in Vietnam, in collaboration with UNDP's Vietnam office.

Vietnam is facing a highly fluid policy debate as it searches for the most effective path toward successful development. In April 2001, Nong Duc Manh was named the General Secretary of the Communist Party. At the time of our meetings in June, the country was about to embark on a program of trade and investment liberalization with far-reaching policy, regulatory, legal, social and institutional implications.

The government and a high level working group sought policy advice on several issues, including the problems of managing a successful, stable, and equitable transition and successful international economic integration. In particular, Vietnam was near ratification of a comprehensive bilateral trade and investment agreement with the U.S. and was interested in WTO accession. The government was seeking lessons from other developing countries on these and other topics.


IPD offered a variety of non-conventional policy perspectives to stimulate the internal policy debate. The discussions were led by the dialogue leader, Joseph Stiglitz, and were presented in various settings. IPD met with senior government officials including the Prime Minister, minister of trade and the Central Bank governor. IPD also conducted a session with the National Committee for International Economic Cooperation. Finally we made presentations to members of the development community, policy research institutes, policy departments at key ministries, and the National University. Transcripts of the presentations were then circulated among government officials in Vietnam.

In conjunction with our Journalism Training program, IPD also held a press training session with business and economic reporters designed to enhance the quality of coverage of economic reporting.

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