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IPD has developed an integrated four-part program series that links intellectual capital and civil society participation to promote inclusive and substantive deliberations about policy alternatives. 

Task Forces

IPD’s Task Forces gather experts on specific policy issues from the policy, academic, and civil society communities to outline the best ideas and policy alternatives available to decision-makers. Our Task Forces represent an international collaborative effort aimed at enhancing the quality of policy dialogue in developing countries on key economic issues. In convening these teams, IPD fosters the kind of policy analysis that is required if developing countries are to forge strategies that will promote sustainable, equitable, and democratic growth. Each group is co-directed by representatives from both the global North and South. 

Country Dialogues

IPD Country Dialogue programs support government officials and their citizens in exploring economic policy alternatives in an open and inclusive manner. In cooperation with in-country partners, IPD convenes forums that bring together diverse stakeholders representing senior levels of government, political parties, civil society organizations, academia, think tanks, the business community and the media. These forums serve to broaden the policy debate through the introduction of policy alternatives and the evaluation of the trade-offs and risks associated with the range of available options. IPD Country Dialogues are also designed to act as a catalyst for inclusive discussion in the future.


The Initiative for Policy Dialogue is committed to training the next generation of thinkers on development challenges. Our Education Programs help to provide students of international development with the resources to further their understanding of critical issues of development within the context of globalization. Working together with our partners at Columbia University's Earth Institute, School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), and the Institute for Social and Economic Research Policy (ISERP), IPD's interdisciplinary Education Programs bring the insights of economics, political science, law, urban planning, and sociology to the issues at the core of economic and social development policies.