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IPD Publishes IPD Book Booklet

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The Initiative for Policy Dialogue (IPD) is a global network of leading economists, political scientists and premier academic and policy centers. Founded in 2000 by Nobel Laureate Joseph Stiglitz, the initiative aims to stimulate a heterodox policy dialogue on major issues in international development and global governance. Through its publications, conferences and academic programs, IPD connects scholars from diverse backgrounds. Their collaboration yeilds the best and brightest ideas in development- from the perspective of developing countries- and delivers those ideas to policy makers who are grappling with the complex challenges and opportunities of globalization.

In all of its work, the Initiative strives to contribute to a more equitably governed world. It also seeks to democratize the production and use of knowledge. 

This booklet catalogues the Initiatiative's extenstive collection of books, published jointly by Columbia University Press and Oxford University Press, which covers a wide range of issues. Across the globe, these publications serve as trusted and respected references for students, academics and policymakers. They have helped germinate bold and innovative ideas in an array of different fields, and have become staples in the libraries of policy analysts associated with international organizations, NGOs, and government aid organizations. 

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