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Establishing a Robust Transparency Regime

The Implementation Challenge - Theory & Practice - Working Paper #112

Laura Neuman, Richard Calland

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Whatever the underlying reason for establishing a transparency regime, after a decade of proliferation of access to information laws, with more than 50 countries now enjoying a legislated right to information, it is clear that the stimulus of both a supply of information and a demand for it is the key to meeting the policy objectives. This supply-demand intersection is a fundamental part of our hypothesis for effective implementation and use of the law. This paper will focus on the government side of the equation—the “supply side”—where there is a new body of knowledge and learning arising from the legislative explosion of the past decade. Examples from Latin America, the Caribbean and South Africa will highlight then recent lessons.

About the Authors

Laura Neuman

Richard Calland
Associate Professor in the Public Law Department
University of Cape Town

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Type Working Paper
Program Transparency
Posted 01/01/07
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