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Sustainable Development

Towards a Broader Policy Agenda - Working Paper #74

Ramon Lopez, Michael Toman

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This is an overview chapter from IPD’s Environmental Economics Task Force volume Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability: New Policy Options. Over the last few decades, economic growth in developing countries has been, with some exceptions, slow; social equity has either not improved or worsened; and environment degradation in many places has been significant. In numerous countries, economic development has not been environmentally sustainable. The central message of this volume is that the failure to achieve environmental sustainability has been the result of a systematic underinvestment in public goods by governments. The consistent failure of governments to impose environmental regulation and to effectively prevent encroachment and wasteful illegal exploitation of ecosystems may mean that such failures are not simply the lack of means and information, but rather that powerful political economy motivations must also be at work. This book begins with a review of recent developments in economic growth and the environment, and then explores, through a series of essays, issues such as resource dependency and poverty, international trade, governance and political economy, and water and energy policies and instruments.

About the Authors

Ramon Lopez
Professor of Economics
Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics
University of Maryland at College Park

Ramón López is Professor of Economics at the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Maryland at College Park.

Michael A. Toman
Adjunct Faculty Member
Nitze School of Advanced International Studies
Johns Hopkins University

Michael A. Toman is an Adjunct Faculty Member in the Nitze School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University.

Publication Information

Type Working Paper
Program Environmental Economics
Posted 05/31/05
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