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The Roles of Research at Universities and Public Labs in Economic Catch-Up

Working Paper #173

Roberto Mazzoleni, Richard Nelson

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About the Authors

Roberto Mazzoleni
Professor of Economics
Columbia University

Richard Nelson
Professor Emeritus
The Earth Institute
Columbia University

Richard Nelson is George Blumenthal Professor of International and Public Affairs. Nelson is an economist by training, and before coming to Columbia was Professor of Economics at Yale University; he also has served as staff economist on the Council of Economic Advisors, and at the RAND Corporation. From the beginnings of his career one of his central research interests has been in understanding differences in the pattern of economic growth over time and across countries, and how these differences have been molded by and mold economic and political institutions. Another principal interest has been the complex intertwining of government, for-profit institutions, and not-for-profit institutions, that one sees in many important sectors of modern economies. His work has been both empirical and theoretical. Perhaps his best known book is An Evolutionary Theory of Economic Change, co-authored with Sidney Winter. Of his more recent work, the study he directed, National Innovative Systems: A Comparative Analysis, probably has had the broadest influence.

Publication Information

Type Working Paper
Program Industrial Policy
Posted 10/01/08
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